Success | Suxcess | Suck, Death!

There are several reasons fundamental to global heated markets. One of those reasons is the paradigm of success. To many – or almost all – of us, success equals “making a lot of money” without any excuses. And before our times it meant – in mercantilistic interpretation – “making a lot of riches” which was a good definition. The meaning of “riches” was never bound to cash. Never! It meant a lot of things building a river together out of which all people in a society could benefit.

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Today, successful people isolate themselves like criminals. Probably, because they have dealt with economies in a criminal way. There is no secret in popular scaling philosophies. The more you produce the better. The more you short the costs, the better (scaling-wise). The more you short the staff, the better (scaling-wise). The more you short the loans, the better (scaling-wise). At the end of this famous process regarding postmodern scaling philosophy is a very bad product. Sometimes it kills you softly because it’s a food product.

How can we improve this massacre? First and foremost we have to reduce our excessive way of life. Some people believe that “partying hard” or “being unfaithful” is part of “success” why I call it “Sux-cess”. It really sucks to be social with those creatures. You know the people I’m talking about. The same idiots that abuse the wonderful terminology of entrepreneurship. They use it for paradigmatic reasons. When we hear Entrepreneur, we think about “bling-bling” and rich “Sux-cessors”. We don’t think about the lonely fisherman, living from fish to fish, feeding his family and being very happy without escapades.

So, how to improve this nonsense? Thinking about Death would make it worse but we need new definitions of life. Human existence is deep if you want it to be. There is no difference between 5 million and 500 million except in possibilities and RESPONSIBILITY. So why chasing so hard? What for? Showing off? Bling-Tshing? Thong-Song? Well, if you want to, do it. But the price you’ll pay is very high. I don’t mean coughing and sweating. I’m talking about deep problems you never knew they existed. You’ll experience death before even dying. It will be dead living. You may ask: “Why do you care if I die? It’s my decision.” Well, regarding economics it’s a decision that influences many lives, lifestyles and people. The products you’ll sell, deliver, create may have a dangerous impact. A destructive one. I don’t want to see colorful papered bad products anymore. And so do other people not want to see colorful papered bad products anymore. Worldwide! Come on! It’s over.

Rush into it if you want to! But I’ve warned you. I could push many buttons to sell insurance, high interest rates, electronic mass products but why? To make money?! It’s not enough. It really isn’t and the customers are realizing it. You’re a customer yourself. You understand the techniques of re-reselling and talking it to pieces. Me too! I’ve done that. It’s empty. The alternative is very delightful. Instead of numbers, dear friend, chase meaning. I’m being chased because of meaning and it’s nice to know that people care for it. Because there it’s rare these days. It’s harder to make a living with meaning, that’s definitely true. But meaning is everlasting and pretty damn good. You feel it. The customer feels it. And you know, they come back to get that feeling. If it’s meaningful, not cheap or luxurious.

If you enter Entrepreneurship, make it hard on yourself, not on others. You want to improve lives, not your numbers. Coming from that entrepreneurial background I assure you, numbers will put you into the Hell of Dead Souls. No luxury, no alcohol, no drugs will get you out of it! Just a deep crisis you don’t want to experience! If you’re strong enough, don’t try it. If you’re weak, you’ll lose yourself in the blackholes of nothingness, down into the valleys of depth and sleepless fear. It’s just a warning. We need you to be human in the 21st century. Parties will be better as a human being. There’ll be relationships instead of prostitutes. True feelings instead of drugs. Thoughtful moments instead of resignation. Life without Death!