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A German Consultant explains

Globalized Business models can be developed by intelligent communications worldwide. The complexity of communication and communication concepts is to be found in the meaning of their originator. As an Entrepreneur you are looking for people and places. You need people to help you create, form and improve your vision. And places to work at, live at and learn new original thoughts to combine with your own way of life. Some intelligent Investors are always looking for Entrepreneurs, not Businessmen. Why? Because they are interested in making more money understanding that the most influential and successful Business is the entrepreneurial one. So be careful of V-Capitalists if you’re an Entrepreneur! While you’re caring about purpose they only care about viral boosts.

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If you want to understand our globalized societies you have to check out our consciousness. We are bound to each other transnationally like never before. Working in Germany I may contact a Businessman in Jaipur. Within 24 hours I’ll surely get a response. And vice versa I can be contacted by anyone who is interested in my Services. This new dimension is going to grow. The single boundary is language and communication. To be culturally appreciative is not easy and to speak several languages needs constant practice of those languages. That’s why there is so much to do as an Entrepreneur. You might let other people speak for you but not when you have started. I mean it depends upon your Entrepreneurship. Are you selling talks, walks or fruits?

Trade Fairs can be useful to meet some Contact Persons exchanging Business Cards and the many stories of competence one has collected over time. In other words you may move from A to B, and talk to C and D but there is always uncertainty regarding international activities. The psychological phenomena is namely trust. In Business Communications there is nothing better than trust. If you build trust between you and someone in another country you’ve built a relationship. Indeed, everything else comes by. At any rate travelling is a Plus if you use it to build trustful relationships, and not making it a Sales Trip. Don’t sell yourself! Make yourself trustful and whatever it is you want to serve people with, it will fall into place. Your character just needs to be in place, too.

International communications reveal the great potencial of multilingual approaches to topics. Speaking more languages is to many Entrepreneurs part of their Entrepreneurship. As a result their daily speech is enriched by cultural treasures, sayings and ways of life. Intercultural acceptance becomes a productive part of one’s own life. Economy changes, forms and strengthens societies in which people live. People speak separate languages, dialects and use different words. Fulfilling social, economical and private needs makes you successful businesswise. But there are more things and situations you could fulfill.

Economy helps to manifest personal powers by improving lives and building identities. My own Service named Researchcall implies these facts. I’ve realized that the best way to do Business is communication. A great part of it – probably the most important in life – is listening. As an Entrepreneur you have to listen without filtering and commenting. Just listen, understand, ask and realize! By doing that too seriously, you’ll follow the mathematics of languages. They are quite difficult and only open for those with exaggerated intuition. The growth of personality is a big deal to me and should be to any Entrepreneur and Entrepreness. Exaggerated intuition is hard to learn and more difficult to use. You’d have to have a consistent personality.

It takes me a quarter of a year to do my Researches. Based on this duration I imply holistic researching of potencials in all open markets. In consequence I build up Business models compatible to the Business of my Client. Most of the time it’s easy regarding building of a Sales Office in Germany. It just has to have a certain amount of individuality to connect with the numbered markets. The best way to get financial freedom and independence as an Entrepreneur is being useful to others by services or products. And the best service or product is the first new thing in itself. Not a copy! Never a moneychaser brand! Market psychology is changing and the huge 500 will have to face their crumbling.

But I have good news for you. You are in a great position to contact me. Just ask me about Entrepreneurship and what this Service may have in store for you. I’m really interested in entrepreneurial projects and in Entrepreneurs themselves. If you identify yourself with Entrepreneurship and you are foreigner to Germany, you should definitely talk to me. I offer my Consulting Services to you within the Researchcall. Be self-confident enough to grow your Business and stay tuned and connected!

Now, I would like to tell you what I’ve learned doing Research regarding my Researchcall. Markets are uncountable. You cannot count markets. You can count everything around but markets can’t be counted. It is too difficult and mathematically a challenge because you’d have to calculate what you are not calculating too, to have a consistent success. Or as you know, you may just boost it every day of the year. Then it’s conditioning of minds, not Marketing. Some may define it as Marketing but it is really not. It’s a huge part of massmedia broadcasting. If you would like to start a business anywhere, imagine you are a small butterfly looking for a new jungle to live in. What do you do? You look for other butteflies. You live with them. You look for trees and bushes. You look for flowers. You don’t fly around shouting your name. You try to adapt to the whole organism. And you won’t succeed if your personality isn’t consistent and your Business isn’t organic. You know why? Because economy is organic and if you try to force yourself into an organism, you destroy more than you commit to all parts of the organism. This is why most people fail. They are too dangerous for the whole organism because they aren’t acting organic.