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The Essence of German Consulting

Entrepreneurship means understanding value in your own society and economy by transforming it out of yourself. Marketing & Sales are ways to be economically forthcoming and successful in the sense of economic progress. So it doesn’t mean anything bad, if your Marketing- & Sales-Techniques aren’t working. But it is bad for society and economy if your Entrepreneurship is bad AND your Marketing & Sales are great. But still, it doesn’t mean anything except that you’re putting more effort in masks than in cultural identity. So fix your Entrepreneurship and certainly your Marketing & Sales will progress with it. Don’t make bad stuff that looks good! Really share solutions to problems or serve people in your society and your economy with products and/or services.

Now after this explanation we understand that Entrepreneurship has a certain dynamic to itself because of its organic strzctzre. You can buy a Businessman or a Businesswoman, make them work for you but it is impossible to get an Entrepreneur. First, they are few and second, Entrepreneurship has to be learned and aimed for. You cannot become an Entrepreneur in an instant. You have to learn many things, regarding society, economy and human beings. The most interesting thing about it, is the fact that every Entrepreneur/Entrepreness knows history pretty well. And whosoever knows history knows that everything has its price. You learn a lot about cycles and economical processes. (That’s why the United States of America have become so successful.)

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To become an Entrepreneur and/or an Entrepreness you just need one skill. Without this skill it won’t be good Entrepreneurship. This is the skill many people lose, misuse and don’t understand. If you have this skill, your Entrepreneurship must become great. And it is called Self-Consciousness; it’s a wide perception of oneself. You’re not a studied something with testimonials. And you have to accept that there is more about you that you don’t know. So accept yourself in a self-conscious way. The greatest thing about it, is its  being in the moment. You can’t be self-conscious and misplaced. You’re always by yourself, no matter where you are. To understand this you need to lift your masks and stand as you are, meaningful, alive, changeable, different, tired, strong, weak, educated, beautiful, not knowing everything. This is self-consciousness. People mistake it with self-confidence but it is not. Self-confidence can trick you into deep holes and you’ll get more surprises in your life, most of them not very charming. There is a healthy self-confidence within self-consciousness; just be by yourself and you’ll accept whatever comes and leaves. This is life and everything is moving. The best way to live is to keep moving; that’s the Entrepreneurial way. But please move inside, not exclusively on the outside.

Our modern paradigms are very alike today and I’ve written a book about this problem. All paradigms we know and live are full of the biggest one, the strongest and most dangerous one of them; numerality. If you want to understand what numerality is, just look at spirituality and imagine it had an opposite. That would be numerality. We’ve always been kind of confronted with the question whether we are machines or humans. And today this question is getting answered by technologies and data science. We’re not. We cannot keep that much information in ourselves and even though we could, there is no way to use all of the data, yet. So we are not machines and this is good because the whole world around us doesn’t exist because of Machines but living creatures in all shapes and forms, huge and tiny, dangerous and friendly. We are part of this Organism even though we’ve destroyed it. The reason behind our destruction is always – regarding economically caused destruction – numerality. Counting the world, making all things countable and reaching for higher numbers. This is numerality. If you want to be an Entrepreneur, just protect yourself from this sickness. You cannot count everything and it doesn’t do much to it. I am not talking about counting small payments, neighbors, or whatever but reasoning by numerality is a sickness. It doesn’t tell you anything about the reality. The only thing we know is that there are numeralized societies, economies and minds. But Life cannot be understood in numbers. I’ve tried it myself. It is impossible. Imagine all the numbers you have to know to find the last one… The variability is eternal. And additionally, time is not an ease for counting, analyzing or all the mathematical knowledge we have. It is too much data that would have to be considered. Of course, so called Scientists are selective but how do they know the importance of which number? It has nothing to do with logic. Statistics is one thing: impressing people with scientifically looking graphics. We have to be careful. It has nothing to do with Science as it was perceived hundreds of years ago. (India is making technological progress in that direction.)

What is Entrepreneurship? Well, who are you? What do you enjoy doing? Most of us enjoy different things. And even when we see people that are like us as time goes by they are really not like us. So we are very different from one another. The potencial of Entrepreneurship is to find in personality, character, skills, intelligence and identity. The question why you’re doing what you do has to be bothering you. If it bothers you it is a good sign. You don’t have to have a finite answer to it. It’s good that you are caring about the purpose of your life. Many people don’t, most of the time. If you practice it you’ll break it down to moments. What’s this moment about? While you’re reading this you’re thinking about something. Or you’ve already identified yourself in it. Or you want this text to stop, so you can start or keep on working on yourself. Because this is the most interesting thing about Entrepreneurship. While Businessmen and Businesswomen try to improve outer realities, all Entrepreneurs and Entreprenesses tend to improve themselves. You may learn something, but you can always grow more by cultivating your character. Reading, for instance, is one of those characteristics that Entrepreneurship asks for. When you read, you’re calm and thoughtful and totally in the moment. Entrepreneurship means being in the moment, too.

Let’s be specific! What is your Service? What is your Product? Before you collect responses to this questions, you have to ask yourself another question. Which problems do you want to solve? And are they real problems? In the year 2018, the beginning of the 21st century we all have a huge problem. It is Energy. How can we provide ecological energy solutions to our growing technological capacities? This is a huge problem. And many people are already trying to solve it. You might get into this worldwide process, if it touches you. But Entrepreneurship doesn’t mean go into what touches you, unless you have millions to spend and would like to invest in good projects. Entrepreneurship means going into yourself and taking out what’s in there. Many Entrepreneurs and Entreprenesses already partly do what they are supposed to do on a bigger scale. They like their Jobs. And then there are many people which are forced into Entrepreneurship. The stories are endless. To me there is nothing more interesting than Entrepreneurship because you have to imagine all of everything we have today is made, done and delivered by Entrepreneurs. At least, Entrepreneurship is the root of many benefits we’re enjoying today. What are you benefitting people with? Who would you like to be in your economy? And where and what are the problems you want to solve? So many questions have to be asked and you have to take your time to find answers. To see the signs you have to acknowledge their significance. And to acknowledge any significance you have to accept and dignify your own significant existence.