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How to sell transnationally has to be learned by every Sales Agent. The ground for any transnational deal are legal issues and financial aspects of the markets. Meaning that it has to be proven that the product which is to be sold is marketable behind foreign borders. You may try to sell Chopsticks in China but only if you can test it within the Chinese markets. Additionally, it’s not very useful as production costs are the lowest in China. But you may try to produce strong chopsticks that can be used over 40 years. That’s a very different market and it can be of high interest to Chinese customers as qualitywise European Industry is still N°. 1 in the World. Probably, you would like to know how to connect with the foreign market. That’s easy. You need to find an Agent. The Agent should understand markets and the LAWS of his country. If you want to sell in China, it has to be Chinese law. If you sell in France, he/she should know French AND European law. Also, there has to be a fair knowledge about customs, duties and transportation regulations. Would it be better to drive, ship or fly the products. Cheaper doesn’t mean better. You could produce Chopsticks with European technology in China BUT you wouldn’t be successful as China is very fast in copying Business Models. The best way for High Class Chopsticks would be „Made in Germany“ or „Made in Swiss“ to be valued the way it should be valued. China has a Middle Class of nearly 250.000.000 people and they all have to eat BUT you should deliver and sell your Chopsticks to a Merchant or Tradesman. You can also try to sell them online and market them by Online Techniques. If you don’t speak Chinese, don’t! Ask Ping Jun-Tao, the Sales Agent in Wuhan to sell your products within his country and give him a limited loan plus commission of 5 to 10%. If you want to sell faster, raise the commission. And remember, Ping Jun-Tao is independant and works for himself. He is not working within a Company. He may have 5 more international customers but his time is limited and all he does, is selling your products. A Sales Agency has over 250 international customers and some of them may sell Chopsticks too. So don’t work with Sales Agencies, except you have 10 Million High Class Chopsticks to ship and sell. Selling transnationally within Europe is not easier. Sometimes Europeans are very difficult when it comes to European countries. But if you find the right Sales Agent within the country of interest, you’ll succeed. Just don’t try to find free workers! Nobody works for free anymore. If you don’t have money, don’t talk about selling goods transnationally please. Shippings can be lost and if it’s Gold it might be risky. So don’t do Business if you don’t have the assets. You may build some assets by becoming a Sales Agent. And don’t forget the No. 1 rule of Sales Agent: You sell the sample first, before you sell the Container. So don’t ship so fast! It doesn’t work that way.

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