The Shlong-Strategy | How To Crush The Stock Market

In this Article I’ll tell you how to beat any broker at any stock market on this planet. It’s easy and mathematically consistent. It combines the long-term and short-term Investment. I will explain it very short.

stock market investment strategy

Imagine you have 1,000,000.00$ to buy shares with. What you do is, you’ll keep 100,000$ and invest 900,000$ in shares of 19 different companies. Now you wait. The 1st shares which drop above 1.9%, you’ll invest the last 100,000$ in. The 1st shares which rise above 1.9% you sell. Let’s imagine the shares have been equally paid for. You have spent 47,368.42$ in every single Company. Now you have made 900$ plus (or more; it could have been 3%+). This means you have 48,268.42$ to invest. The 900$ have to be kept and taxed. Again you’ll look at the Company of all 19 left which dropped the most. Let’s say a Company dropped by 10%. You’ll invest in those shares. The most important thing of this Technique is that you invest only in 19 Companies and keep the Plus money. Whenever you invest, you sell. Whenever you sell, you have to invest. And whenever you invest, you sell. The more often you do this, the bigger becomes your Plus. The last question is: What’s the intermediate time? Well, it depends upon your goals. The longer the intervals are, the bigger is the impact of the re-investments and sales. So keep this in mind, if you’d like to push it very fast.  Dropping or rising needs some time or special days in which they take place above/below 1.9%. I can imagine that you’ll do very good at it. It’s neither a Short or a Long. It’s a Shlong or a lort!

With this technique you can make Millions of Dollars OR you can improve your long-term investment at any stock market in our Universe. There are much better techniques but this is one of the best techniques I know. It’s low risk, high performing, calculative and seriously well-thought. Last but not least, it’s mathematically unbeatable. If you have questions, you may ask me or contact me via WhatsApp. You may also double the investment but if you want to make more faster, double the Companies you invest in.