Top Notch Consulting

My name is Youssef Zemhoute. I’m an Entrepreneur from Germany, Europe. TNC – Top Notch Consulting – has been found in 2017 to start my international Entrepreneurship to redirect potencials transnationally and make a bigger impact on the German & European societies. My Goal is to become No. 1 Expert worldwide for Entrepreneurship & Economy.

Regarding my Values, my working habits and my knowledge I consider my Services Top Notch Consulting by a Top Notch Professional. My Top Notch Consulting fits to highly responsible personalities having high standards and a great demand for High-Class Services. Top Notch means that my Clients fully comprehend my values & solutions. International Companies, Investors and Business people of all kinds regard me as a solver of trouble, problems and difficulties. I connect with Executives, Venture Capitalists and Vice Presidents to make sure my efforts are respected on a level of high responsibility. I assure myself of delivering my services professionally and safely. So afterwards I’m not needed anymore regarding outcomes and successes. It’s the highest form of Value Proposition I offer.

Top Notch Consulting by a Top Notch Professional Youssef Zemhoute

My Consulting includes a special Science I have developped myself. Unfortunately, we face a lot of problems worldwide and Companies as well as Businesswomen and Businessmen face big difficulties in their work. That’s why I provide a specific and holistic kind of Consulting. I call it Entrepreneurial Consulting. The name of my methodical  science is Entrepreneuristics which I have written a book about. Of course, I’m using all kinds of gestures, techniques and ideas regarding my Business Consulting. Most of the time all entrepreneurial activity is bound to the personality of human beings. This means that we need to learn more about ourselves, consolidating our character while improving our knowledge to solve problems of our own and of other people within our societies. Fortunately, we have a lot of problems. I teach my clients to improve their consciousness to target challenges & difficulties as well as international trials & tribulations. Disregard economical circumstances any Entrepreneur & Entrepreness extract new powers out of all their problems. The easiest way to do so is by reformulating any problem into a question. The quantity of questions that can be formulated is the sum of the whole problematic situation. My solutions target these difficulties by answers, questions, communications and interactional behavior. Sometimes it is more important to teach how to be conscious than teaching new strategies.