If you want to start a relationship, you need to trust someone. Before you can trust anyone you have to be trustworthy yourself. Everything that has to do with trust is essencial for our daily working habits and everyday life in privacy. We trust who we talk to, share with and work with. This is why I trust my Clients to know what they want, to look forward creating what they’ve imagined and to be honest towards themselves, first and foremost. Trust builds authenticity.



An essential role in my work – regarding my own Science of Entrepreneuristics – is played by the idea of Econovation. It’s a neologism I’ve pulled out of nature’s philosophy consisting of three different words: ecology, economy and innovation. If we’ve understood the relationship between all three we’ll create an organic company. And this organic criteria is a timeless insurance for a consistent work, a healthy Corporate Culture and a great company, no matter the size of it. To make companies more econovative is one of my main goals in my work. Organic means lifelong, powerful and forthcoming. Life itself is organic.



To be creative & talented like I am is a great responsibility. It doesn’t mean that I’m perfect. It means that I have a very special intelligence I’m allowed to use whenever I’m working, watching, reading, understanding, hearing and speaking. I see things in a spiritual way which means that I also see things at the same time in my mind even though it’s physically impossible. This talent I call ingenuity helps me to deliver enriched solutions and results in my Consulting for my Clients. And it also shows them to have more respect towards the human mind. This kind of talent may not be learned so easily by anyone but it can be cherished within every company. Every soul is resourceful.