About me

Date: January, 2016.

I started my personal journey within myself. I’m a self-taught Entrepreneur with a diversified working experience. I have been a Language Teacher, a Teamleader and a Salesman. Reading and studying is my preferred profession as it keeps me grounded. As most people would say it’s not possible to plan one’s life as a step-by-step system of Dos and Don’ts, and they are right. I’ve worked in international Trade Fairs and providing Business people with information they needed and special services regarding Business relations (B2B), deals, meetings and the representation of a Company on international grounds. I have never thought that I would do what I’m doing now but still I’m doing it anyway. This happened not instantly but it was a long process. The Job market didn’t accept me as an individual and if I could have found someone like me to work for 14 years ago, I would have worked for free. And I literally mean, it was impossible for me to keep a Job AND my character. The last Job I had almost 2 years ago was about selling. It didn’t matter to the Company that I’ve produced 350.000€/week, still I wasn’t good enough for them. Then I went all in into independant working shifts & hours. It was hard at the beginning and now it’s starting slowly to become something I have never expected to grow. What I give as an adivce towards young Entrepreneurs & Entreprenesses is to deal with smart people different than with others. I am one of them. It’s not that we are better human beings but we deserve to be celebrated as we do the work of 3 to 5 persons and still get paid as a single person in a Job. I have experienced it myself. In most Companies there’s no culture. That’s why those Companies don’t last longer than 3 or 5 years without changing their Corporate Makeup. They leave as fast as they come. Sometimes it’s good. Sometimes it is not. Just mind that there are passionate people behind good projects and businesses, too. They need something they don’t quite identify, and I do. That’s why I do this work, share my knowledge, Techniques and Services to help people to improve their Businesses starting with themselves. I have never cared much about salaries but I care a lot about character, values and respect. If there has been none of it in a Company, I don’t even care about the salary or the revenue. Everything has its price and a successful Company with high revenues although no culture, may be profitable in some eyes but it is very destructive towards society, economy and nature itself. I appreciate value more than sales. This is what many people don’t understand about me but maybe you do. Or would you do anything disrespecting others and/or yourself just to get what you want? It doesn’t have to work that way. It never had to work this way. Dignity grows with Dignity, and Life doesn’t stay in graveyards. It keeps moving along its way. Until it reaches a new signpost. That’s life. It keeps you moving. My Entrepreneurship has been restarted at the beginning of 2017 with Soulphone where I provide my Services to German & European clients. Youssef Zemhoute Top Notch Consulting

This Website serves as an open door for International Communities and Businesses. It’s necessary as I speak 5 languages fluently and learning another 2 to 3, depending upon my works to be done which are a lot. Here I tried to give you an impression of my personality. If you’ve become curious, don’t hesitate to call me. I like people, especially those with cultivated minds.